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bbPress Topics for Posts

  • andreasyeah


    Hi there,

    i have installed the plugin topics for posts,
    but the system didnt created a topic for each of my posts (in particular listing items),
    in order to create them i have to modify each of the listing item – otherwise it doesnt not activate that option.

    As this is a very long procedure (i have around 900 listing items) does anyone knows how i can do this kind of work in less time…is there any bulk option?

    One more thing, each listing items has a category (which i already created also in the forum).
    Can i automatically assign that category respectively the forum topic for each item?

    For example:

    Item: “Ford – Focus” (category: “Ford) -> Create and assign this topic to the forum: “Ford”

    I know it possibile to do it singolary, i need this kind of option in bulk.

    thank you for your help.


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