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bbPress Theming

  • I have installed bbPress and it seems to be working just fine. I cant figure out how to theme it though. If you look here you can see that the forum in each section is listed along one line (or would be if it wasn’t for the lack of space.

    How do I get these listed in a more traditional style? Colours and simple changes I can do just fine, but obviously this is bigger than that.

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  • POS2012


    I am actually fresher than you as a bbPress user, but have pretty long experience with doing themeing.

    As far as I understand these are the parameters in which bbPress is themed:

    Your WP theme’s page.php is used to display the bbPress. So all layout surrounding the bbPress itself is done in the main theme of your WP site.


    there are many bbPress-templates too, and they are placed here:


    in a defaul install there is this theme: /bbp-twentyten/

    You’ll find it here:


    Inside this you’ll see files like:




    In these files you’ll see the setup for each single bbPress page layout as far as I understand it.

    Any bbPress users that can confirm this?

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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