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bbPress themes / templates directory, does it exist?

  • Hello,

    Sorry if this has been resolved already, but I haven’t found the answer :-/

    Is there a directory, viewer, site, post, whatever that lists bbPress themes available round there (similar to WordPress themes viewers-showcases)? I’ve only found like 4 bbPress themes that really work with my current installation (0.8.1) after searching virtually everywhere.

    Of course, I can always try and make my own template, but if anyone else is developing and releasing themes, I would like to know and they deserve to be promoted.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Not yet!

    I know that Brad and I are trying to put the links to plugins, themes and hacks together over at Pro Forums. Just search the ‘templates’ link and that has a good portion of them.


    I have visited your site, Trent, and I do appreciate the effort, but some of the ones listed don’t work with my installation. The “four” themes that I mentioned in my first post that worked for me were all taken from your site!

    I guess now I have a strong reason to develop another skill: “bbPress themes” ;)

    Thanks for your answers.

    I am currently collecting themes and plugins and providing links at There isn’t a ton of selection out there right now, but I’ll be adding as they become available.

    May i make a suggestion. Is there anyway that the themes can have a permanet place once submitted to be downloaded from? I hate following link after link only to find the link dead. The plugins and themes needs to have a permanet repository/database to be downloaded from. It would make things easier.

    I’m sure that folks have thought of that but I think that like official documentation that’s a post-1.0 priority.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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