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bbpress-theme-switcher with WP?

  • I have a website, Where I try to help people convert WP themes into bbPress themes. When they give me an original WP theme to convert I put it on the website for others to have as well (the bbPress one not the WP one). I would like for people to have a demo of the themes but my themes don’t work unless the corresponding WP theme is active at the same time. Any solutions?

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  • Anyone?

    And why is that? Do you use deep integration for creating those themes?

    Yes, for the themes to work deep integration (include wp-load.php) needs to be used. The themes do not work unless the wordpress version is active. So both WP & bbP theme have to be active at the same time for the “preview”

    Ahh.. When you are providing such service why not build up themes which don’t depend on deep integration. Its only difficult for the beginners.

    And regarding building up a demo of such themes, I think it can be done somehow if you bluff bbPress by changing the value of fetched data related to active WP theme (I think those are 3 values) and then it should work fine.

    Because I don’t know how to. With the deep integration I offer to do it for them or walk them through it.

    Either way I don’t know how to make this theme switcher.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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