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BBPress Tabs No Longer Show

  • Hi Everyone,

    I set up BBPress on a friend’s website,

    Until the recent 2.3 update, everything was fine. For some reason now the admin tabs no longer show: Forum & Threads. However, BBPress options do show under the Tools and Settings tabs. There is just no way to create new forums and moderate threads from the backend now.


    Running WP 3.5.1 with the following active plugins:

    CSV User Import
    Custom Login Logo Lite
    Events +
    FancyBox for WordPress
    Google Analytics for WordPress
    Google Maps
    Membership Premium
    NextGEN Gallery
    NextGEN Gallery Voting
    NextGEN Gallery Voting Premium
    No Self Pings
    Remove WPMU Notification Plugin Nag
    Wordfence Security
    WordPress Backup to Dropbox
    WordPress SEO
    Yelp Widget Pro

    Any help would be appreciated!

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  • webheadcoder


    I am having the same problem. My bbpress was fine before upgrading to 2.3. My site has a ton of plugins, but I don’t have any of the same plugins listed above. I tried deactivating all but bbpress and changing my theme to twenty twelve and it still doesn’t show. I’m thinking it must be something with old user permissions from bbpress 2.2.x or some option maybe that is interfering.



    forgot to say, i am logged in as the super admin and looking at the user list shows my forum role as empty. I guess that’s the problem, my user wasn’t assigned the keymaster role.

    @webheadllc still happening for you?



    I just figured it out. I found a bunch of other topics on this and found a hint at:

    Basically I went to Settings->Forums and checked the “Auto role” checkbox that says “Automatically assign default role to new, registered users upon visiting the site.”. After checking this the Forums, Topics, Replies menus showed up and my user was assigned a role. I then unchecked the Auto role setting since it was originally unchecked. not sure if it should be checked or unchecked in the long term.

    Worked for me too. Thanks so much for finding and sharing that!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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