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bbpress style pack notify emails

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    In the process of moving our old forum from SMF (which had some great features, but requires a second login which our users really dislike) to bbpress. It’s a private forum so I can’t post a link, but using latest WP version, Hestia Pro theme, Ultimate Member (and it’s bbpress plugin), bbpress Style Pack.

    bbpress Style Pack makes the new forum look a lot more user friendly (many thanks Robin!), and also using it to offer the option of email notifications of new posts (which on our forum is essential – there may be no posts for days, then several all at once!)

    Is there any documentation anywhere as to how the new post email notify system works? Couldn’t find any, but perhaps not found the right place yet!

    As I’m trying to get my head around how a user controls their settings.

    If a user has hit “subscribe” to a whole “forum” (board as I’d have called it in older forum software) – it seems they then get notifications to all topics. But there could be many topics on that forum, and they may not want to be notified of some posts within that board. So how do they selectively unsubscribe from some in that board, but not others?

    Going into the forum it seems that individual topics still have a “subscribe” button when the whole forum (board) is subscribed to, which is a little puzzling, if all topics under that forum (board) should now be subscribed to. So if they want to unsubscribe from that topic – do they have to click subscribe, then unsubscribe?

    Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how this bit of the plugin is meant to work? Thanks!

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