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bbPress Smilies

  • I’ve whipped up a little bbPress 2 plugin for my site that lets my users embed smiley shortcodes in forum posts.

    You can customize the shortcode delimiters (defaults are ”) so your smiley codes could look like [happy] or :happy: or {*happy*} etc.

    The shortcode list is built dynamically based on the contents of the smilies directory. You just need to place any number of GIF, PNG, or JPG images into that directory, so adding the file “happy.gif” will allow [happy] to be used in posts. It caches the list though, so it’s not scanning the directory all the time.

    Anyway, this is the first plugin I’m publishing for others to use, and I’ve just started the process of putting it on’s plugin directory, which takes a while to get approved it seems.

    Until it shows up there, I’d be happy to email it to anyone who wants to take it for a spin.

    I have it running on, and you can see the smilies that I have available at

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  • goddess_dix


    I would be interested in trying this out, after many hours of trying to make Tango extended Smilies and bbpress play nice. I cannot get Tango to convert the smilie codes to the smilies and my users are accustomed to using the codes from the blog side.

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