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bbpress Slow

  • Jing


    We have just launched our site. Our site was running very fast in all other sections except bbPress. Each reply will take like 5=7 seconds to post.

    What can we do to make our bbPress run as fast as this one we are using for bbPress support?

    We have stripped all unnecessary plugins associated with bbPress. The only plugin we keep that is related to bbPress on our site is a notification plugin. It sends out a notification to users when a reply is made to their topic – Does bbPress have this function built in? We could not seem to find this function in bbPress. bbPress has a notification that is sent to all subscribers but not specific to the author of the topic. Am I correct?

    Any advice you provide is greatly appreciated.


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  • Robin W


    I can only suggest as a test remove the notification plugin and see if this is making the difference

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