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bbPress Sidebar – DIsappears on topic/post pages

  • stewmills


    Sorry if this is a duplicate…seemed to get an odd behavior when attempting to submit previously.

    – WordPress 4.2.2
    – bbPress 2.5.8
    – Theme – Karma 3.0.3

    I have created the following forum on my site (currently hidden from the top menu but accessible via links provided):

    In the above link I get the forum login and other options in the right sidebar as I prefer.

    However, when you get one layer deeper into the forums, topics, posts, etc. the sidebar is not visible as seen here:

    I want the sidebar to be visible on all pages/posts/etc. so someone reading a post can login from that page or request new access from that page and as well logged in users will always have the sidebar details and option to logout from any page within the forum.

    Initially the sidebar was not visible at all and I finally realized that my forum page (using the shortcode [bbp-forum-index] on my “forum” page to display the forum) was using the right template and when I changed it to ‘Right Sidebar’ and selected the option at the bottom to display my newly created sidebar (User Forum Login Sidebar) I started seeing what I wanted to see on the main forums page.

    However, when I go to my individual forums in the WP control panel and make sure they are also set under the ‘Right Sidebar’ page template and as well have the option checked to display my sidebar, it seems to do nothing.

    I have read a host of other posts here today and it seems that the answers to getting the sidebar to display as I want vary per person/situation hence my additional post. I don’t want to have to create a new .css file as currently I don’t have access to our host and FTP to create new files so I was hoping to find a solution that is simple as me not having a button checked somewhere or something trivial.

    I am somewhat new to WP and bbPress so the more fundamental the advice the better. My goal is to try and solve this with a little troubleshooting versus new child .php pages, etc.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Robin W


    The problem is that wordpress was designed to work with templates that were different for each type eg template for page with sidebar, another template for page without sidebar.

    The trouble is that theme authors are getting too clever ,and nowadays write a single big page template that bbpress cannot easily react with.

    So your theme displays one template for the main page, but then bbpress can’t work with it for the other sub pages, as it doesn’t know how the theme is using the template.

    Ok, so that’s the explanation, but probably doesn’t help you at all.

    If you know some wp stuff then this might help

    Robin W


    but in your case probably not.

    As you don’t have FTP access, and your theme is the Karma theme which is a paid theme – I’d suggest you try their support page to see if they can help.



    Thanks, @robin-w. I feared that my most viable option was to get into the .php pages and so forth. I am working on getting the root access to the site (I can get it, just didn’t ask for it yet) so maybe in the coming weeks I can start educating myself and follow your guidance.

    At least there is some comfort knowing that I am not just missing something obvious.


    Robin W


    If you do, then do follow the getting started bit, in particular the link to the plugin that tells you what file is being used.

    Come back, and we’ll help work out how to fix, but we need to know what file, and that you can access it to be able to help !



    Is it okay if I join in or would it be better if I started my own topic? I’m having the same problem. My coding skills and experience are limited to HTML and not PHP. I am using Openstrap.

    If it’s the same problem as mentioned in the title/description, then go ahead !



    I temporarily solved my problem by installing this widget, as I just got FTP access today and have not attempted to follow other options via creating a bbPress.php page, etc.

    Here’s the plugin:

    You can edit it and configure 4 different places that it shows up, but it’s not in the plugin options, you have to “edit” the plugin and you’ll see the code that designates what shows up where, such as this:

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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