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BBpress shortcodes not displaying forums

  • fasirathore


    I’m using Hello Theme, unfortunately hello theme is not showing forums on my page by using forums index shortcode.
    When I switch to Astra theme or Nova themes, forum index displays properly.

    (I might be changing themes temporarily so forums might display if im on other themes but is my forums link on my site.)

    I have contacted Hello Theme Support and they have responded as below:
    “I will have this raised but we suggest you report this issue to the plugin authors so they can check and they can open an issue on our Github account, so our developers and the plugin author can communicate”

    How can we resolve it?

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  • fasirathore


    It was resolved, I have navigated forums and Robin W has provided a fixture plugin for Hello Elementor, by installing that it fixes issue for forums not being displayed.
    I request you to add that plugin in this topic as well so users can navigate, also I want to request you to have this compatiblity without plugin in hello theme as well.

    Thank you so much.

    Robin W



    Whilst I am not a bbpress author, adding fixes for themes which do not work with bbpress would require adding code for 200,000 bbpress users of whom only very small proportion use Hello Elementor, and then supporting this against any changes that Elementor do. There are other themes that also don’t work with bbpress and doing this for all these could add a mountain of work.

    But yes, I’m glad to add the link to this thread to help others

    Hello Elementor bbPress fix

    I will also be adding support for this into my style pack plugin in the new year

    bbp style pack

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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