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BBPress settings and tools needed for website of many user blogs

  • ajflo72


    I’ve taken a look at activity streams, forums, and groups from various sources and am not sure which I would need to build a website specific for my needs. All of them have certain things that seem related to what I would like to accomplish, but I’m not sure they will finish the job. So before I start on this project, I’d like to get some advice as to how I might go about this.

    I’m wanting to create a website that has a Home page that all unregistered people will see right off the bat. If a user is logged in, I would like them to see a page similar to a blog. It would basically be their own blog page. Ideally, this page would be created upon their confirmed registration. It seemed like activity stream was a personalized page created upon confirmed registration, so that may be what I’m looking for, but I’m not quite sure if it will be right for handling the other things I need.

    So, on this personalized blog page, a user would have a link to create a new topic which would allow them to enter in several fields of info (i.e. Topic Name, Content, Location). Then when they post that topic, it will appear on their own personalized blog page. I want other users to be able to search and find other topics or even view a person’s personalized blog page, but they will not be able to reply to anything on that page. Everything will be locked down for all users except the owner of the personalized blog page.

    Is BBPress right for what I want to do? Which of these tools might I need? Any suggestions on how to go about using these tools to do what I want? Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi,
    Activity streams and group forums are BuddyPress specific, not bbPress. So better ask on their forum.
    Blogging is WordPress, not bbPress.

    So I’m sure that for what you want to do, the WordPress platform seems what you need. But for sure to accomplish what you want, you will need to have different plugins and maybe coding help.


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