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BBPress Serious CSS Issues

  • kelixirr


    Serious css issues I am facing:

    1. My reply content are overflowing out of the box and subsequent replies are not properly inheriting the CSS styles even of the buddress and the styles that I added. Check my site here:

    Other questions that I need help with:

    1. How to allow the use of Markdown in forum editor?
    2. How to highlight the first topic so that it can stand out from the crowd of replies just like wordpress org forums main topic.
    3. How to keep the author’s details and photo above the content (just like the WordPress org has) and shift this line “This topic was modified 1 day, 4 hours ago by XYZ.” below the content.
    4. How to allow admin or moderator to highlight the best reply of reply that contains solution or to ping the solution reply below the main topic.

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