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bbPress seems to take over RSS feed for unrelated category

  • Mr-B


    Hi all
    Everything is latest versions.
    I have a problem where if bbPress is not activated, the feeds for a subcategory work fine, but as soon as I activate bbPress it “takes over” and the news feed on the same URL displays bbpress topic feeds.
    I tried disabling plugins / running some of the fix tools but does not seem to make a difference. Also have tried twenty-fourteen, no difference. Anyone else ever see this?

    without bbPress enabled, the KB or “knowledgbase” feed shows correctly:
    =================================== » Knowledgebase
    English speakers in Switzerland • free business directory and more
    Public Holidays in Switzerland 2015
    29 May 2014 08:10

    In Switzerland in each of the 26 cantons the public holidays are established independently,
    …. etc …
    With bbPress ENABLED the same knowledgebase feed becomes a forum one: » All Posts
    Forum guidelines
    21 June 2014 13:56
    Engdex Forum guidelines.

    Welcome! The Engdex forums are a place for seemly discussion about all things Switzerland and
    … etc etc..

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