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bbpress search (languege)

  • tkdgns1106


    Hello I am a bbpress fan. Personally I think it’s a really cool plugin.
    Nonetheless, I want to use the search form in the sidebar.

    So I used search-form using the code in the sidebar through the bb-base theme answered in last topic.

    However, I can’t search in Chinese, Japanese, etc. other than English and numbers.

    I do not live in an English-speaking country. So I searched for 3 days to solve the problem but couldn’t find the answer.

    What I want is to search for a topic in the forum or to find a reply in an answer.

    Can you tell me how to modify bb-base (sidebar search) to search in other languages ​​..?

    Or is there another alternative?

    Help the esteemed bbpress developer ..

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