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bbPress (Replies)

  • digitalartbynate


    I am having a small issue with something.
    I want visitors to be able to make topics, but I DO NOT want anyone to be able to reply for now. It seems I am unable to stop replies, as well as I would like visitors to be able to post topics without filling out there name and/or email.
    Any help with this, I have looked at many plugins to help but found nothing.

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  • Shmoo


    Well, if you’re not afraid to dive into the template files you could walk though them and comment-out the parts where the replies get included.

    I this part for example.
    no replies

    But when you start doing this you need to understand how to override bbPress template files by copying them over to your own WordPress theme directory. You can find more about that in the codex.

    It’s just walking through paths and following the hierarchy.

    OF course, back-up and always test this first locally. Never do stuff like this straight on live websites.

    Robin W


    fairly major bit of work.

    If you were talking about participants, my private groups plugin has the ability to restrict users down to just posting topics, so you could set up a forum where only topics can be posted.

    Private groups

    But making this a visitor only is an entirely different ballgame.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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