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bbPress registration emails not being sent

  • gilescanter


    I have installed bbPress and have the forums set up ( When someone registers as a new user, I receive the notification that a new user has signed up. However, they never receive the password email. I have tried this on multiple computers/devices in multiple places and cannot get it to work.

    I have seen several posts where this is a problem, but cannot find an answer that works. I am not a developer, but am trying to fix this on our site. Please help. Thank you.

    My wordpress version is 4.8.2

    I am using the following:
    bbPress Version 2.5.14

    Select bbPress – Moderation Tools
    Version 1.0.7 | By Digital Arm

    Select bbPress Login Register Links On Forum Topic Pages
    Version 2.1.5 | By Tomas Zhu | View details

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