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  • blastblast


    Hi all,

    I am using bbpress and s2member. In s2member I made one of my forum private, for registered members only.

    However, when a topic show up in the Recent Topic Widget, even if an unregistered member clicks on it he would be able to read the thread.

    Are there any suggestions as to how I can solve this problem?

    Under the widget option, I see “Parent Forum ID:” and I can limit which forum it can derive its post from but I want registered members to see all the topics and for unregistered members to not be able to see the topics of the privatized forum.

    Thank you

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  • This will be an S2Member issue, I can’t find the link but there are some good docs on the S2 site on how to configure the membership levels in S2 do exactly what you are asking above.

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