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BBpress Profile issue

  • realadulting101


    Hi there, I am currently using BBPress on my website. My site is an LMS site that uses Memberpress for our membership and for our courses. Currently in my member dashboard area, there is an “edit forum profile” tab and when you click it, it pulls a lot of other strange info other than just the members profile like it pulls our blog titles for some reason. Also, if I am logged in as a different member and click on another user who posted on the forum and it takes me to their profile, their email loads incorrectly (so if my email is it shows at the top of their profile as Has anyone every experienced this and know what to do? Lastly can users edit their profile picture or is this not possible with just bbpress?
    Thank you so much for your help!

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  • Robin W


    on you last point, bbpress just uses the WordPress gravatar system, so users can use gravatar to have their image

    But there are a number of plugins that allow users to upload avatars, and any plugin that allows this should work with bbpress. Just google ‘wordpress upload avatar’ and you’ll find a wealth of resources.

    On you other points, these are related to LMS and Memberpress I suspect, both of which are paid plugins, so suspect you should start there.

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