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bbpress private 404's

  • aprilholle


    So I’m experiencing some very interesting things.

    When you try to view a “private” bbpress forum it’s suppose to throw you to a “you need to register to view” page, but instead it tosses people to a 404.

    I’ve jimmyrigged the 404 page to check the URL for forums and display a message, but it would be great if this just worked.

    Also, when we try to go to the forum root, it redirects to a completely different section of the website.

    I’m sure this is a conflict with the theme in some way, so I can work with them as well, but figured I’d start here.

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  • Kitty Kilian


    Hi April,

    I have the same issue. I see it got fixed on your website, even though you got no answer here: how did you do it?

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