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bbPress Post Toolbar plugin–Smiley organization?

  • RealitiesCrossed


    I’ve got the bbPress post toolbar plugin installed to bbPress on my WordPress site, which is a private roleplay site for myself and a couple of friends…but two out of the current three of us are feeling a bit OCD about the arrangement of the smilies.

    We have emotes I have created and/or some I have gotten permission to use that represent each character we play with, a full range of emotions, hug emotes etc. for each character, which right now is probably 60 odd smilies, all characters combined.

    I have worked out how to arrange the names of the smilies in the package-config file to keep the characters relatively organized, but I’ve tried adding line breaks between each of the character sets and all that does is break the entire website down until I remove them, I can’t seem to edit package-config outside adding new smilie codes without crashing the site…but what I would love to know is this:

    Is there a way that I can insert line breaks or separate the smilies into tabs somehow by character rather than having them all smushed into one big group?

    edit: WordPress 3.6 and bbPress 2.3.2 are running on my site, I haven’t gotten around to the WP update and refused to upgrade bbPress because a plugin I was using was incompatible with the new version and I didn’t wish to break it.

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