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  • kingscast


    Anytime a user posts a poll there’s a box with a question mark next to it. Same box for when you try to add a poll.

    Is this normal or is there a better graphic I can insert for the poll? The blue box looks like an error.

    Functionally the plugin works fine.


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  • Do you have a SS or link to what you are referring to?

    I can’t see what you’re talking about and just added polls to mine.



    I suppose a link might have helped :-)

    The top post shows the box

    I can’t see it on there. At least no question mark.

    I’m using FireFox if that changes anything.



    I couldn’t see what you meant while using Firefox… but I switched to Safari for the Mac, and see blue boxes with question marks!

    I think Safari shows that blue box with the question box when it can’t load an image. I found a discussion forum that talked about it here – there are some links to screenshots showing the issue:

    I right-clicked on the blue box and asked to view the icon… and it showed me this image url:

    Is it possible there’s a missing file? My version of bbPress polls displays an icon with a similar url when there’s a poll:

    My guess is that if you move your icon.png file to under /bb-plugins/, the image will show up and your blue boxes will disappear?



    bb-polls should be in it’s own sub-directory with the icon.png inside of it.

    You must have installed the plugin and not copied the icon over from the package.



    Ah that must be it… kingscast, did you drag all the files directly into the /bb-plugins/ folder?

    The files should all go into a /bbpress-polls/ subfolder instead… including the icon.png one.

    ps while you’re at it, you probably want to put the plugins into a /my-plugins/ folder instead of the /bb-plugins/ one…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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