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bbPress plugin(s) not grabbing user’s email addy..

  • As I had said in my blog post, I have those plugins up and running, but.. the problem is that those that register on the bbPress forums, are not able to post comments on my blog, as their username..? =/

    Plugins are:

    WordPress Integration (0.7)

    bbPress Integration (0.72)


    bbPress Post (0.02)

    It’s not pulling their email address, and their nicknames have to be assigned by me, in the blog’s control panel, under USERS? =/ I’d hate to have to edit each USER on my blog, so they can post as their “nickname or username”.. rather then “Anonymous”..

    Anyone with suggestions, and so forth?


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  • Check your Users in WP and make sure they were moved across. It might be that they are not even taking the default role and are not subscribers in WP, but listed in WP. That is the way I have mine setup anyways.

    Let me know.



    Sorry Spencer, you already said they are not moving across. With proper integration, I don’t even have a users table in the database for bbPress. It only uses users of wp_users.

    One thing I did extra Spencer was add the cookie information for my domain in config.php in bbPress.

    $bb->cookiedomain = '';

    $bb->cookiepath = '/';

    Maybe try that. As well, I am sure you have it already, but wp_home and wp_siteurl can’t have slashes at the end of each of them.

    The bbpress-integration plugin in WordPress. All I did was edit the option to have bb_ as the prefix and even though it was listed already, I always save the option again. Superstition I guess.

    The WordPress-integration plugin was just thrown in my-plugins/ forlder in bbPress. It just works.

    Can you give me anything else that might help you with this one?


    Trent, you’re so awesome!! After talking with Trent on GoogleTalk, he has helped me get this problem squashed! And, I had to slap myself twice, because I didn’t upload the bbPress Integration plugin, to my wp-content/plugins folder…

    Thanks again for letting me know that Trent.. as well as the cookiedomain settings you gave above! ;) :)


    Spencer and I got this going. It is important to make sure for integration to work that you have the following plugin for sure installed in WordPress and the table prefix (in options of plugin in admin area of WP) correctly installed.

    bbpress-integration plugin

    This plugin will pull all registrations from bbPress into WordPress as well as make the login integration work properly.

    If you have users in WordPress that you want to be able to login to bbPress prior to the integration, it might be worth you while to place the following plugin in your /my-plugins/ directory of bbPress.


    The first plugin will work for most users, but the second is available if needed.



Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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