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bbPress plugin with Child Theme

  • I would like to integrate the forum with my site but as of now it seems there is no style at all. I tried to copy the files the my child theme directory but that didnt seem to work. Any ideas whats going on here? My forum is located at spurmag dot com/dev/forum

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  • Ok so I think I have this worked out. I copied everything out of the “bbp-twentyten” folder except functions.php. I then put these files inside my child theme folder. Then I copied everything from the functions.php within “bbp-twentyten” and pasted it into my child themes functions.php. The final step was to add theme support by placing add_theme_support( ‘bbpress’ ); inside my child themes functions.php. This appears to be working because the forum is now pulling styling from the bbpress.css file inside my child theme. Now to try to edit some page templates.

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