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bbpress plugin user.php suggestion

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    So far every single template that I have worked with have had some type of ‘wrapper’ around the bbpress content.


    div class=”bbp-topic-wrapper” id=”bbp-topic-wrapper-1546″

    The bbpress/user.php is the only template so far that has no type of ‘wrapper’ containing the output.

    This is not really a problem as I was able to add my own wrapper, but it would be nice to have one built into the standard theme.


    I am applying a padding/margin of 20px to the wrapper in order to display a separate background color for the forum area. Having a wrapper makes this natively easy.

    also.. this is the only template that is really displaying items in a really weird way. Below the user area is a table list of the users posts that is somehow falling outside the normal layout.

    I have to admit that this particular template in its current state is a pain in the butt to apply custom styles to. IMHO This template needs a bit more thought about the flow of information.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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