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'bbpress-plugin' Conflict with SFC Like Button, Forums don't display

  • Rev. Voodoo


    Just figured I’d report this here for information. I’m not skilled enough to know which end the conflict would be on.

    With Otto’s SFC (Simple Facebook Connect) there are numerous modules that go with it. There seems to be a conflict between bbPress plugin, and the Like button module.

    When the Like button is active, I can get to the main forum listing. But if I click to get to the individual forum pages, I just see the title and nothing further.

    This only occurs when running it straight from the plugin. I have a simple twenty ten child theme on VoodooPress. I originally dropped all the files into my theme, and it worked fine. But I don’t want to run it that way, as the intent of the site is to always run a customized (child) version of whatever WP’s default theme is. So keeping just the plugin running is easier.

    When I drop all the files out of my theme, and run bbPress as just a plugin, I get the conflict.

    Just wanted to make everyone aware in case they run into this. So far, bbPress is a great plugin. Slowly working through things to figure it out.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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