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bbpress Plugin 2.0.2 – forums list disappeared from base page

  • I have installed the bbpress plugin into my WordPress site (my site uses a child theme of twenty-ten). I created a couple of forums leaving the defaults for showing “forums” as my base forums slug. Navigating to http://mysite/forums was showing my list of forums as I expected. I made some changes but then reverted them and now the base page is empty. I can still get to my individual forums, but I can’t seem to get the listing to show back up on my base forums page.

    Things that I changed

    * temporarily disabled base slug but then re-enabled it

    * temporarily switched to the twenty-eleven theme but then switched back to my twenty-ten theme

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    maybe try resetting your settings -> permalinks? (just a guess)

    Thanks. I had seen another post mentioning that. Is there a standard way to reset all permalinks?

    I found my problem. I had created a forums page in wordpress when I was testing some things. I had trashed it, but not permanently deleted it. Looking in the database, I noticed the entry. Once I permanently deleted it from my pages list, my forums list showed back up.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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