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BBpress pages being recognized as "Blog" by Site

  • bodhi_mcgee


    The website has a heading 1 for the page title and breadcrumbs. Both the page heading and the breadcrumbs think that any page within the bbpress forums is within the “blog” section. So the heading 1 says “blog” and the breadcrumbs say home > blog > topic name

    Note: the breadcrumbs that come with bbpress work fine.

    The site is located here:
    Running WordPress 3.5.1.
    Running bbpress 2.2.4
    Using theme Sterling from themeforest -

    One other problem that may be related is that wordpress also triggers the Blog menu item link as the current_menu_item (thus highlighting it in the main menu). I can override this with css so I am not overly worried about it but thought it worth mentioning. I notice that this problem is actually a reported bug in bbpress and is being worked on.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who as any ideas,

    Bodhi McGee

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  • bodhi_mcgee


    Apology, correction to above the “Blog” text is not located in h1 it is located in Blog

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