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bbPress on Multisite without top menu

  • Cars10


    I have set up a Multisite.
    I added bbPress and NOT activated it on Network level
    I added a sub site (network)
    I activated bbPress ONLY for that sub site
    I created two forums
    I navigated as super admin to the network dashboard to the theme’s Appearance–>Menus section just to find that I cannot see any Forum bars from which I could add any Forum to the Custom navigation –

    I know from a non Multisite installation, that I should be able add an existing forum from a “Forums”-bar, but that bar is NOT there.

    I scanned Google for hours and this forum usually came up but no replies had anything to do with it or helped even when I tried.

    I do not want to workaround the problem by creating “links” in the top menu. I would like to see all the tool-bars of bbPress in the menus section of appearance.

    1. Latest WP (fresh)
    2. Multisite
    3. no disturbing plugins
    4. Standard TwentyTwelve Theme

    Thankful for any hints

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  • Cars10


    Urgh… default the Screen Options swallow the forum bars and you need to activate them manually.
    A slim bar could be activated by default, so that is my suggestion for a default setting in upcoming releases.

    Close it

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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