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bbPress Notification Platform Feedback



    Hey all! We have just released bbPress Notifications, which will make your bbPress give all your users private messaging, global notifications, google search integration and friend requests, along with @user mentions, and a slick navigation system.

    I’d love it if we could get feedback, and reviews, positive and negative.


    Founder of

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  • bp-help


    You asked for feedback whether its positive or negative so here it goes.
    You can already get notifications in BuddyPress. You really set an unrealistic goal in charging $59.00 for the pro version of the plugin for 3 months access to just this one plugin. You are inspiring me to create a plugin that does the exact same thing free of charge. If I was you I would put the pro version on the WP repo instead of the version you have and just ask for donations. Otherwise I am fairly certain in due time you probably won’t gain as much as you think you will and you would probably make more money in web development if that pro version was freely available and folks can see your work and maybe offer you jobs but that is if this plugin even works. I hope you do have success but as a developer myself I would never pay more than $15.00 for a plugin because if I needed the functionality that bad I would create it myself. Either way good luck!

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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