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BBPress not working with Optimizepress Theme

  • stressebookllc


    Dear Experts, need your help desperately. I have the latest of everything.

    I am using optimizepress theme and have successfully used BBPress before. But the last time I checked it was quite a while ago, and now when I try to access the forums, I am being taken to the Optimizepress blog setup page and then redirected to the wordpress dashboard.

    I received this response from Optimizepress tech support:
    My suggestion would be to check with bbpress to see if something is not setup correctly. I’m afraid our support for bbpress is quite limited so all we can really do is check on our end for issues with OptimizePress, and I don’t see any.

    Your blog works fine so there is probably something going on within bbpress that is conflicting.

    Usually when we see issues like this where the blog setup shows it is a permalink conflict of some kind.

    I would suggest deactivating plugins to see if perhaps something is going on between another plugin you have and bbpress. I don’t really think this is coming from OptimizePress specifically as we haven’t seen this exact issue on sites that just run bbpress and OptimizePress.

    So I created a staging site, and deactivated all my plugins except BBPress, and Optimizemember, the membership plugin. I still have the same issue.

    I have attached the image of the page below.

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  • ckriegel


    Hi, for future people who may meet this issue, i could solve it on my website :

    This solution may work for those who have installed a membership plugin (s2member, wishlistmember, optimizepress). The issue seems to be with the way these plugins manage the searches. They seem to catch on the fly the searches to hide content, and can create a conflict of compatibility with some other plugins like bbpress which need to display content based on roles. Plugins like Wishlistmember and S2member (or optimizepress, based on s2member,) allow deactivating of this without creating any major issue for the membership site. For those using optimizepress, it can be done thanks to the alternative view protection feature in OP. I only unchecked “Searches”, and the problem disapeared, which would confirm this idea that the issue comes from the way that searches are handled by the membership plugin.

    For those using WLM, here is someone who found where to made a similar configuration (although it may have a bigger impact) :
    “The issue on my site had to do with a setting in WishList Member. For me I had to go to WishList Member >> Settings >> Protection Defaults and then set the “Only show content for each membership level:” and set to “No”. After I did that it worked.”

Viewing 26 replies (of 26 total)
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