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bbPress not installing properly after BP Install

  • Erwin


    Hello, I’m a little frustrated. I have installed the BP plugin for WP and it is wonderful but the fact that Forums are tied to groups and their use is very limited compared to a standalone installation is “crappy” to say the least.

    After trying out the new bbPress installation and not liking it at all, I decided to uninstall it by deleting all of its files from the directory and drop all the bp_bb_ database tables. I now have a new problem:

    I downloaded bbPress to set up a standalone install and integrate it to WP. When I install it and follow the directions, everything gets installed properly, including new database “bb_” tables, but I am redirected to login at “wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-forums/bbpress/bb-login.php” instead of “forum/bb-login.php.” I can go to and I’ll see the login fields on the top of the page and a “Page not found! I’m sorry, but there is nothing at this URL.” error. When I log in I am taken to “” with a very much BLANK page.

    I assume this is a config.php error but I’m all out of ideas. Help :’( Thank you

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  • kevinjohngallagher


    by “BP” do you mean BuddyPress?

    I’m afraid if you have BuddyPress on your website, bbPress won’t work at all. Sadly this is not something that the Buddypress folks make clear (which is a shame cos everything else they do is awesome).

    The “bbPress” that is used with “BuddyPress” is so heavily hacked and modified it’s unreal, and it’s not even remotely the same product. It just shares some front end functionality. I’ve no real idea why keeping the name was insisted on; because it just confuses good people like yourself, who then come here only to be told that bluntyl, we can’t help.

    I’m afraid youhave to take this to the BuddyPress forums.

    Sorry and Good Luck


    I don’t think you have understood the Erwin’s question.. ;)

    Erwin, it’s normal.. when you activate the deep integration by BP, it updates a table (bp_options, or something) with the new bbpress address (inside bp root).

    So you need to access the bp or bb database, find the link you think is wrong, and edit it with the right link. suggestion is to reinstall BP and BB, if you haven’t user or important data. ;)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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