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bbPress messed up my site

  • terrykiwi


    I installed & activated the current version of bbPress into the current version of WP.

    I got the “do not have permissions” error, and following the threads in this support forum, installed User Role Editor and clicked Reset.

    I was then able to open bbPress settings, but could not find any help at all, so had no idea where to start.

    On checking the site, I find that there are new menus “Activate”, “Activity”, “Members” & “Register”.

    I deactivated bbPress – no change.
    I deactivated User Role Editor – no change.
    I deleted bbPress & User Role Editor – no change.

    So now the site is messed up with additional menus that I can’t remove. I need help to resolve this ASAP.

    Thank you for any assistance.

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