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bbPress menus not showing up in Dashboard…

  • Jim R


    After installation there aren’t any menus in the Dashboard dealing with Boards, Topics and Replies. I tried deactivating all other plugins, and I don’t have any plugins affect the Dashboard other than adding their own items to it.

    I had bbPress installed earlier but hadn’t done much with it. At that point the menu items were showing. Upon reinstalling the newest version of bbPress, the menus are gone.

    FYI…I also had a lot of issues logging in to post this.

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  • nkatz


    This is exactly what I came here to ask about…but it appears that these forums aren’t monitored very frequently. I installed bbPress and I have the ‘Forums’ entry added to my WordPress Settings but, just as for Jim, there’s no Boards, Topics or Replies section anywhere in the Dashboard.

    Wordpress 3.5.1
    bbPress 2.3.2



    I had the same problem, go to tools > forums > Remap existing users to default forum roles (I think that is the right one to do).

    One of those recount/remap tools did the trick for me, good luck.



    WHOAH!! And there they are – thanks. Drinks are on me :)



    Of course, while I can now administer the forums – creating forums, parenting them and generally setting things up – I find that when I try to post a topic in one of the forums that I, myself, created I’m told, “ERROR: You do not have permission to create new topics.”

    And I haven’t yet located the setting I can change for that. I am a site administrator…but I can’t create a topic in the Forum that I set up. Weird.



    thx Lynq
    “Tools” -> “Forums” -> “Remap existing users to default forum roles”
    helped :)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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