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bbPress Logo as an icon

  • whhglyphs


    Dear developers of bbPress,

    We have set ourselves an ambitious goal of creating the largest and the best quality free icon set that will be available as a font. We have around 1500 icons already and you can see and download them at

    We have also included an icon that represents the logo of your software and we would like to ask if you do not mind that. We have taken the liberty of including it into the pack because we believe that it should help webmasters and designers who work with your product to link to it and to feature it in web and mobile projects. However, if for some reason you would like us take the icon down, we will remove it immediately.

    But again, I hope you will not mind that and on the contrary will help us spread the word about this great free iconfont. As I am sure your users will be happy to know about this resource. Thank you!

    Best regards,
    Sergey Epifanov

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