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BBpress Login widget creates a weird double-login process

  • wout77


    I have a sidebar active on all forum pages with the BBpress login widget in it. However, when you enter your username and password, you first get redirected to an extra captcha screen where you have to check you are not a robot. While that is fine for security reasons, after you check that box, you get redirected to the standard WordPress login screen where you have to enter your username and password a second time! And that feels very confusing for the users.

    So the question is: how can I eliminate that second step… is this a known issue maybe? Or am I missing a setting somewhere?

    If anybody in the hivemind has a suggestion, I’m all ears 🙂 thanks!

    The site is running all the latest versions, by the way.

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  • Barry


    Hi @wout77!

    So running in a clean environment with no other plugins, etc, I don’t actually see the same thing.

    The login widget provided by bbPress is really just a simple (but customizable) wrapper around WordPress’s regular login process. Though you may not realize it, the username and password fields are simply passed to wp-login.php (and the reason you may not notice this is that a redirect is performed to take the successfully logged in user back to whatever page they started on).

    With that in mind…my hunch is that this is not a problem with bbPress, but rather with another plugin (or perhaps even your theme).

    If you are unsure what’s causing this and there are no obvious sources of the problem (such as a Captcha plugin), it could be worth doing a round of selective deactivation of other plugins and/or your theme to try and find out what’s causing this. Make sense?



    I ended up using “Theme My Login” plugin which is fantastic and resolved all my issues with every aspect of login features.



    Thanks for the suggestions. I tried deactivating various plugins and even the theme but it had no effect. I have a hunch that, even though the webhost says otherwise, it’s a server side thing… However, I found out that if I use the basic WordPress login widget and use a redirect plugin to forward all logged in users to the homepage, it all goes smoothly!
    So I guess that’s the course of action for now!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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