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bbPress Log-In Issues with Theme

  • widlak


    I recently switched to the Graphene theme (which I must say is quite awesome!!!), mainly because I wanted something that I could integrate a forum into without creating a separate site or subdomain. Plus this was the only theme that looked great right out of the box.

    With that said, if this is a bbPress issue and not a theme issue, I will certainly seek help in a different location. I am horrible with code but with simple instruction, I could navigate my way around it.

    I uploaded the bbPress plugin, created a page, and promptly began placing the shortcode in the widget areas for loggin in and registering. The default log-in was already filled out for me and I clicked the ‘Log-In’ button and when I refreshed my screen it took me to the home page. I reopened my WP log-in screen and when I logged in, it took me to my home screen again, not my WP admin panel. Am I doing something wrong? I want to be able to integrate everything in this theme without having to leave and log-in to an entirely different site. Please help.


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  • It sounds like everything is working fine…

    bbPress includes a redirect to the home screen after logging in whereas WordPress takes you typically to the WordPress dashboard.

    The primary reason for this is because we don’t want your sites users being redirected to the WordPress Dashboard.

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