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bbpress links ignoring https -> FF says site is not secure

  • sylcollin



    I have a page on my website that I can get access to both in HTTP and HTTPS. But when acessing in HTTP, FireFox tells me that the page is not totally secure because of content that is accessed in HTTP inside the page .
    After investigating, I found the website, that says part of the problem is the links from bbpress plugin to the bbpress.css and editor.js files. Both of them being in HTTP instead of HTTPS.
    I updated the plugin, uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin, but the problem is still here.

    When we get the “premium” SSL certificate approved, we would like the green padlock to show, as for the visitors of the website to have no trust issue…as it seems to prevent the padlock to show without “unsecure website” message, we would like to solve this issue quickly…

    Anyone had the same issue?
    May it need a fix for the plugin, or is there something I should try before?

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Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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