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bbPress issues with iThemes Builder Thread

  • Starting a new thread here at the request of John James for any issues with iThemes Builder.

    Some information from my previous report:


    Yes, the actual shortcodes themselves appear on the published page on the site and I think I should have said, I am using iThemes Builder with a child theme, up to date version of WP..

    Also, the actual forum when you click to view it from the main index one (which is appearing fine and where it should) is appearing at the top of the site above the header, which is why I am trying the shortcode route. In my case though I have used “Widget Content” which comes with builder to create the header area.

    I have two other plugins that produced the same kind of thing, in that they appeared fine where they were meant to, “sexybookmarks” at the end of a post BUT also would appear in any location I had used “Widget Content” which was the header area and sidebar areas and also a paypal plugin and to get around that I added this code to the end of my child css:

    .widget-content .paypal-form {

    display: none;


    Which stopped it appearing in content widget areas, so the first thing I tried for this was the same code but changing the “.paypal-form to one for bbPress – I had used firebug lite (chrome) to try and find the correct name that should go there and I don’t think I found the right name.

    Yep shortcode helper would be good, thanks John.. do you need any more info?



    Hope that is enough information for my particular problem John?



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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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