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bbPress is not displaying video player

  • erossini


    I have an issue with bbPress. In the settings, I checked under /options-general.php?page=bbpress the option Auto-embed links.

    When I upload a video in the forum, the result is the link to the video instead of a player to play the video.

    How can I fix it?

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  • ahsa


    At a guess, I’d say that bbPress, like WordPress, uses oEmbed to embed media. WP maintains a list of oEmbed providers whose URLs will automatically be converted to media embeds. The URL in your screenshot looks like it’s a custom CDN hosting an mp4 file, which likely can’t be converted this way. To test this, try using a YouTube video’s URL instead. You may use WPTrains forum to understand further.



    Based on my recent trouble-shooting, your issue could be caused by two potential reasons:

    1. Your CDN service provider altered the link to your video file. You might want try turning it off, so that the address of your video would change back to something like, which is the actual location of your file. You may also check the source code of our pole line hardware website, on which we encountered a similar issue a few months ago. (We bought Godaddy’s WP plan, and its default CDN setting was turned on. We now use Cloudflare. A much better CDN. )
    2. Or, it may be caused by conflicting plugins installed on your website. Which means the embed function cannot work properly. You could try disable them all and flush your server cache to find the culprit.

    Personally, if you are code-savvy, I would recommend employing a method called lite youtube embed for videos. Simply put, it reduces page loading time by serving your video only after the viewer hit PLAY, which drastically reduces the amount of data transferred on page load.

    That’s all I can come up with based on your information. Best of luck!!



    Was there any progress on this?

    I have a similar issue where even youtube videos wont embed in forum posts. Just the link to you tube is published. I have a seperate topic here:

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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