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BBpress is not a search engine friendly forum

  • BBpress is not a search engine friendly forum. I am right ?

    I have installed this bbpress on my website ( but its not able to perform well in Google because of, its not following the standard forum structure. I am getting almost 3 to 4 unique articles per week on my forum. But to crawl these articles google is taking a month. This situation has made me to tell you that bbpress is not search engine friendly…

    Please let me know your thoughts. Please share your experience, if any.

    And also please let me know how to make it seo friendly ?

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  • I beg to disagree. Based on my experience, BBpress is search engine friendly. Most of the topics in my forum are indexed by Google. Even though i don’t use the mod to rewrite the url, indexing goes well.

    My URL are on format like this topic.php?id=1&page=1 and they appear on search engines.

Viewing 26 replies (of 26 total)
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