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BBPress is falling apart for me now

  • I just had a trojan on my server, and had to replace some files in the BBPress installation. But the database was untouched.

    Now suddenly, the forum has lost nearly a thousand posts, and two users have been deleted.

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  • Try contacting your host to see if they can restore a backup, and change your various admin passwords, database passwords and FTP passwords.



    If you’re running a shared host, you should be able to perform a backup yourself through your cPanel. :)

    What files did you replace/change?

    Turns out the host backed up a week old image. Without asking me.

    Lost three users, that I have no idea on how to get back. I dont remember their emails, their nicks or anything.

    I suppose this actually had nothing to do with BBpress at all, but my host instead.

    I got them to restore a newer backup now so everything is okay again.

    Though this all got me thinking what BBpress could offer to protect against this sort of thing. I know you can back up SQL bases in Cpanel, but maybe you could make a backup file of the users in the adminpanel of BBpress?

    Lets say there was a risk of loosing something, you could back up your users, and if you lost some, you could restore their accounts with ease.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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