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BBpress intgrate with WordPressMU – Login on bbpress does not work on IE&Gchrome

  • Hi Everyone,

    I am newbie in WP, I have just installed and integrate WPMU3.2.1 and BBPress1.0.x. The steps as bellow:

    – Install WPMU on vitural host: http://wordpress-mu/

    – Install BBPress is subdomian: http://wordpress-mu/forum

    – Config bbpress and wp follow guideline.

    After install completed I test on FF3, everything works well:

    – Login in to wordpress and switch to bbpress: the cookies are sync..

    – Logout from bbpress (also clear auth cookies of wp)

    – Login from bbpress (also sync cookies of WP)

    But I meet one issue on IE(GChrome) brower:

    – When I login on WP and Switch to forum then signle-sign-on work ok. When I click logout on BBpress then It does not work.

    – And I cannot login on BBpress. (cookie is not set)

    After debug I found the cause is the cookies are not set.

    function set_auth_cookie( $user_id, $expiration = 0, $expire = 0, $scheme = ‘auth’ ) of Class WP_Auth. (class.wp_auth.php)

    At line 273 of file class.wp_auth.php

    setcookie( $_cookie, $cookie, $expire, $_cookie, $domain, $secure, true );

    Dedault $domain = ‘.wordpress-mu’: with this value the login does not work on IE.

    when I set $domain = null then the Login work.

    Please help me to solve this issue!

    My english is not good, expect everyone to ignore.

    Thanks & Best regards,

    Pham Tuan Anh

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