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bbpress integration with twentytwelve user profile page problems

  • Have successfully integrated bbpress 2.0.3 into twentytwelve responsive theme that was updated with WP 3.4. (Had to start again, as WP 3.4 broke another theme.) I am using it with WPMU Membership plugin and that works too. The membership is private, access to the forums shows up in the menu when a user has logged in, members are added manually.

    The one thing I have not been able to do is to format (CSS) the bbpress user profile/account page. And if I enter a full path to a user account into a new browser that has no users logged in their information shows up and can be edited!!! (example:

    This is a cross post with WPMUDEV, as their membership plugin is involved, but I am asking if there is something I can do with bbpress files to make the profile pages more secure and properly styled. Can I somehow forward the user profile to a page I can format better? Please advise. The security issue troubles me most.

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  • Just noticed that I said twentytwelve (WP theme), it’s of course twentyeleven…

    I have managed to use the sidebar login widget plugin and direct users to a nicely formatted user profile page. But clicking on a bbpress member name in a post still brings me to a profile page, that shows bbpress stats, and that is not properly stuled. The user information can be accessed and edited directly with a direct URL even if nobody is logged in at the site in a different browser.

    I notice here in this forum that users are linked to their own websites, or other custom pages, how is this done?

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