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bbpress integration with buddypress

  • JAsko_san


    Hy everyone,

    first of all, thank you guys for this awesome forum plugin 🙂 I’ve used it for about few months now, and I hadn’t any problems with it. I use it for my support/forum page on my site.

    Here is what I’ve done: I’ve tried to make my own community site, found out about the buddypress plugin, installed it and voila 🙂 it works.

    Now here is the thing, is it possible to integrate the same structure of my old existing forum (with all the topics, replies, attachments) into the one group that I created recently ??

    I wont it to be, something like – one group has it’s own forum, and if it’s a closed membership group, than you don’t have access to the forum at all.

    I have a huge list of topics, and posts, attachments that I would like to integrate into one group, and for the all other groups, I would like to have the same possibility for them too.

    Is something like that possible ?? is there a plugin to do this, or an addon for the bbpress/buddypress plugin, maybe ?

    I’m sorry if I’ve made a mistake for posting this thread here.

    Thanks in advance for any kind of help.


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  • JAsko_san


    I’ve gone trough some stuff, and it seems that I can post topics within one group, and when I insert ( within the dashborad/forums/all forums page) an existing forum within the group, it does show up on the main index page, but it doesn’t show up within the group ??!

    It even states that it has more replies and topics within that same group, but it doesn’t displays them 🙁

    IS this somehow possible to accomplish ???



    Hmm, or is it possible to display a certain forum(with all the topics within it) within a certain group with a shortcode ???

    With this maybe:

    [bbp-single-forum id-forum id=$forum_id]

    and if ?! How can I edit the existing group page to add this short code within it ??

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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