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bbPress installed in sub-directory

  • bobbykjack


    We’re seeing a similar problem to that described here:

    in which the redirection after login doesn’t work correctly. Our installation is at:

    which is the exact value of the “bbPress address (URL)” setting on the general settings page.

    On the index page, wp_referer_field() returns “/forums/index.php”. This is embedded in the login form, and passed to bb-login.php.

    bb-login.php calls bb_get_uri(), passing it that value. bb_get_uri() then appends that value to the value of bb_get_option(‘uri’), which returns the full URL above.

    The upshot is that bb-login.php tries to redirect to, which is obviously incorrect. So it looks as though either:

    a) there’s a bug in bb_get_uri(); it should iterate through each directory in the bb_get_option(‘uri’) path in reverse order, and compare them with each directory in $resource, eliminating duplicates.

    b) login-form.php shouldn’t call wp_referer_field()

    - Bobby

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