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BBPress – Installation Errors

  • skylinez17



    I am trying to install a BBPress Forum to a website I am working on. However, after installing the plug-in the only page I can access is the edit page. Settings, Activate, and About bring me to a blank page with text that states “You Do Not Have Sufficient Permissions to Access this Page”

    After installing the plug in, I clicked activate plug in from the page that shows it has been installed. I received the error message, but it still appears that the plug in has been activated, because it now says “deactivate” underneath it on the plug ins list.

    The theme is Bretheon version 2.0.1, and WordPress version 3.6.1. Everything is up to date, and everything else is running smoothly. I do not have any other problems besides this plug in.

    All I want to do is install a simple forum where people can communicate with each other.

    Any more information I will gladly give. I am teaching myself web development, and want to be the best that I can possibly be. This installation however is giving me headaches!! Please help!!

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