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bbPress installation conundrum!

  • Hi everyone. I’m currently trying to implement bbPress into my WP site.

    I managed to install it fine, the problem is that neither bbPress nor my website actually work together in any way.

    For example, having installed bbPress to my root directory I could access the bbPress forum but it was entirely independent of my site, and had no “home” button to return to my site. Whilst my site had no forum button to physically travel to the forum.

    It is as if I’d made two separate websites. Is this normal?

    Having installed the bbPress plugin also, this did integrate into my site, in the correct position (within the confines of the page). However by doing this method in the dashboard it states:

    “Your active theme does not include bbPress template files. Your forums are using the default styling included with bbPress”.

    So I have a conundrum:

    1. If I use the plugin it lacks most vital features.

    2. If I install directly to the root directory, bbPress becomes an entirely separate entity from my website with no ability (that I can see) to return back to my homepage.

    Is there a way of installing the plugin (as this places it where I need it to be) but also have the features of the independent bbPress site I made by manually installing to the root?

    (am I making any sense at all?)

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  • neanderslob


    Having this problem as well, have no idea how to solve it.



    You actually installed the plugin correctly. The warning about your theme not being bbPress compatible is simply saying that the bbPress plugin is using the templates from the plugin and not your theme. That is the default behavior.

    The top topic on the forums here about making your theme fully compatible will explain how to take it to the next level.

    As for plugins:

    There are a few available plugins for the bbPress plugin but nowhere near as many as with the standalone right now. So no, you don’t get all the features of the standalone, but you get close.

    The new plugin is built to WordPress standards so it is quite easy to work with and building plugins is actually much easier. I am positive that we are going to see more and more plugins available shortly.

    If it were me, I would not use the standalone and would go with the plugin. It is 100x better than the standalone and is progressing every day. It really is one of the best and most advanced WordPress plugins on the market.



    @anointed Thanks for the tips! As I re-read the post above, I realize that my issue is simply with regard to the theme (I must have been not paying attention when I posted this morning).

    The way my forums stand right now, the title is the same color as the background. Could you suggest a way for me to revise this just so I can just get it functional? I’m using the bbpress plugin and am not sure how to adjust these settings. Thanks in advance!



    The easiest way to fix this would be to modify your stylesheet css rules from your theme/child-theme.

    Remember that !important will override what bbPress is outputting. Without seeing your site, it’s hard to say much more than that.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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