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bbPress install causes 500 internal server error

  • Mycelus


    Hey guys, so I dont know whats happening, Ive looked around everywhere but cant find a server.

    I transferred from Goldsboro Web hosting (local NC based host) to Fatcow today. All my plugins work fine, but when I install bbPress, it gives me 500 internal server error when trying to get into (thats my site)

    When I delete the bbPress folder via FTP, I can get into my admin panel just fine

    When I install bbPress via the WordPress dashboard, it gives me the 500 error mentioned above and stops me from getting into wp-admin

    My site is hosted on Fatcow, and my friends site is also. He faced the same issue and was unable to get it resolved.

    Im using the latest stable version of WP and bbP

    Someone please help me out here?

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  • Robin W


    So are you transferring – ie all the site and plugins worked on the old host, but doesn’t on the new?

    If so have you discussed with fatcow?

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