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bbPress INCLUDE in template

  • Steven Hodson


    is there the ability to use the WP type INCLUDE in bbPress in order to include an custom php file? What I want to do is take the repeating “sidebar” code into a separate file so I don’t have to update all the files that include the sidebar code

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  • bbPress does not have a built in “get_sidebar” function like WP but you can use a regular PHP include.

    include ‘sidebar.php’;

    I’ve opted to include my sidebar within my footer template but I can imagine that might not always be doable with a more complex layout.

    Steven Hodson


    @Taeo Ya I realize that bbPress doesn’t have the same sidebar ‘functionality’ as WordPress. What I’mm looking for is more of hte code re-use idea .. write one (or two) sidebars.php and then just include them so thanks on the PHP confirm – I am pretty much a PHP n00b …..



    Steven, here is the exact way to do it if you still need help:

    <?php include("/www/yoursite/forum/my-templates/your-template/sidebar.php");?>

    Then the file you are including just goes in sidebar.php in your template folder. Write the sidebar once, use it anywhere.

    Ben L.


    Or, if you want to follow coding standards, <?php bb_load_template( 'sidebar.php' ); ?>.

    Steven Hodson


    @bEn L .. thank you very much .. we really need a codex with bbPress template tags

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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