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BBpress in subdomain,cant login after wp integration

  • Hi All,

    Havnt seen any tutorials before doing integration, i guess thats the blunder i did..hence this problem.

    Problem: Cant login to bbpress admin, after WP integration, get message that User doesnt exist. However i CAN login to my WP admin without problems.


    WP :2.7.1

    BBpress :

    What i did: from bbpress integrate wordpress section i filled out following only, nothing esle

    1. Gave my WP url

    2. Gave my WP blog url

    3. Gave my WP secret key

    4. Gave the WP table prefix as: wp –

    thats all dint do anything else. and i UPDATED these details.

    Immediately got logged out. and now cannot login to (bbpress forum is in subdomain)

    What else i did: i generated new password thinking its a password issue. No luck

    Also installed Fix Admin plugin in Plugin folder of WP from Cpanel, as soon as i installed it took me to login page of BBPress, and i tried logging in, No Luck. User doesnt exist message.

    Error seen on left hand TOP side of bbpress login page when login fails:

    bbPress database error: [Table ‘saphruse_bbp01.wp_users’ doesn’t exist]

    SELECT ID FROM wp_users WHERE user_login = ‘admin’

    bbPress database error: [Table ‘saphruse_bbp01.wp_users’ doesn’t exist]

    SELECT * FROM wp_users WHERE user_login = ‘admin’

    Please help.

    Thanks a mill.

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  • chrishajer


    Did you use something like one of these two solutions to integration the cookies with the two versions you installed? The cookies are incompatible otherwise.



    Also, you don’t log in directly at bb-login.php like you can with wp-admin. You need to enter your login details in the front page of your forum, and if you are keymaster (or administrator or moderator), you will be shown the Admin link next to your name and that’s how you get to the back end. If you don’t have the Admin link then you’re not logged in as keymaster.

    Hi Chrishajer, thats the link to my forum try giving userid as: admin and just try with any password

    you will see a error message on top left hand page, at the same time it says no user id exists, while thats the user id i got while signing up with bbpress.

    and yes i tried using Fix Admin plugin dint help. no i havent done anything mentioned in those two links u gave.

    pls help!



    It seems pretty clear that this table does not exist:


    Can you look at the database and see what tables are actually present there? Looks like bbPress is trying to use the wp_users table for integration, but it’s not present? Did you use the same database for WordPress and bbPress?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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